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 alliance/forum application - silkchimi

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PostSubject: alliance/forum application - silkchimi   Sat Jan 22, 2011 12:50 pm

Phone Type: HTC Wildfire
In-Game Name: SilkChimi
Location: Canada
Time Zone: EST
Active Hours: variable
Current Reputation: 3881249

City Locations: (Please list all locations and city names):

* 876:8010 Chimcity

Number of Fortress: (dont have to list everyone, but the general area there in):

* None

Tech Levels: (can ask for general overall, this helps to show what the players been focusing on):

* Attack/Armor/Fast recruit/Fast build/wagon/wheel/militia/swordcraft are in the 10-12 range. the rest is lower.

Army Size: (please be specific):

* 200k spies, 250k militia, 10 mil lizzards, 275k BW, 7.8 mil gargoyles. The rest is negligible.

Please Describe why you want to join Widespread Panic?

* It was recommended by siknin as a mature alliance that will accept casual players

Please Describe why you would be an asset to our organization?

* I will not be a liability: I am a mature player, do not like drama and do not expect freebies.
* I will contribute based on my available time: I play the game casually so any excess troops/goods can/will be sold/donated as needed.

How can Widespread Panic help you?

* There is probably already info in your forum that will be useful to fast track learning some aspects of the game
* I am likely to have question that more experienced players can answer.

Do you have any other pocket empire accounts? If so please include your user id and please explain your play with those accounts?

* None

Have you ever name changed, fraction changed or had any conflicts or relations with other alliances?

* None

Below, Please add any addition Information that will help your chances in joining!

* I have played the old Evony so I am not unfamiliar with some of the concepts here. I am currently playing Ikariam actively.
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alliance/forum application - silkchimi
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